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Terka, Ivoš, Daisy

Welcome to our website. We are family from Prague consisting of three members, as you can see on the photo. We have many hobbies - hiking, dancing, playing musical instruments, etc. Our bitch Daisy is a full member of our family. She engage in nearly all of our activities. Therefore we require Daisy to be perfectly obedient. Indeed, a short walk from the city center, where we live, we couldn‘t let go disobedient dog off the leash for a moment.

Those reasons led us to focus on dog training a little more. Exercising with Daisy became not only a duty but also fun for us. After a few years of practice with Daisy i began training other dogs in close cooperation with their owners, trying to find the best path for each dog and its master.

This part of the website is dedicated to our kennel. You can read a few words about our puppies. Like Daisy, her puppies are full members of our household. We don’t have puppies often so every litter is a big event for us. We trying to make them familiar with as many new sensations as it’s possible. It is very important for us to prepare puppies for life in order to have no problem to integrate into the family of her new owner to bring him so much joy, what gives us our Daisy.

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